How Pat Flynn Is Killing It Online With

The guy behind Smart Passive incomeThe man’s got 20.000+ Facebook-fans, 54.000+ followers on Twitter, 34.000+ RSS Subscribers, 1.000.000+ views on his Youtube-Channel

and that’s not all

In February alone he made  $47,639 (In profit) from affiliate marketing. Auch!

When a friend suggested me to start listening to this affiliate guy called Pat Flynn over at, my first thought was “what’s the domain again?”, “… Just..Another..Affiliate blog…”

Upon visiting his website to see what he was all about, I noticed that he had published a bunch of nice well-written and in-depth posts and guides to help other affiliates and bloggers make money.

I caught myself continuously returning, to read yet another post, and yet another, and …well you get the picture. I ended up with a bit of a man-chrush on the guy, and here’s what I like about him:

Who is Pat Flynn?

Pat Flynn is first and foremost a down to earth guy, with a huge passion for what he does. He is persistent in the way he runs his personal media and he’s got an eye for long-term strategy.

Moreover he has chosen to build his business with transparency and honesty as key values, which is very refreshing in an online marketing field often characterized by blurry or directly misleading advice as the majority of the “make money online guys” usually put more work into making money online, than teaching it.

Pat Flynn has managed to build an amazing community and platform for himself, with an arsenal of efficient channels from which he runs his business by distributing his knowledge to a tight community of highly engaged followers.

Let me break down for you what I think we can learn from Mr. Flynn

The Content and Marketing Strategy behind

Make Your Content Stick

When was the last time you read a really a good  blog post and benefited from it?

Pat Flynn newsletter

It doesn’t happen very often right? If you can remember a really good post you recently read, please share it in the comment-section.

My point is that most articles we read around the interwebs are great-headlines and low quality content.

Whenever Pat (or Glen, Aaron, and a lot of other great bloggers)  writes an article on a certain topic,  it more likely than not, turns out to be  one of the best written on that particular topic.

That sounds really amazing and quite impossible. But I stubbornly believe that a lot of bloggers have the skills and knowledge to produce high quality content. The barrier is time as it takes MUCH longer time to produce these articles, compared to writing a quick “10 common SEO mistakes you should avoid”-post .

When I say Quality Posts, I think of something like:

Want more examples? Check out my post with 28 examples of amazing content! and get inspiration to create even better content.

In a cloudy industry, transparency is gold

I have a background as an online marketing consultant, and used to attend a bunch of fancy seminars and hear a lot of “How a blue button increased our revenue with 750% overnight”.

Every time I hear someone give a big and broad speech about how awesome they are, I catch myself thinking “Yeea… that sounds great. But experience has taught that it’s not always as amazing as it sounds”. It feels super-arrogant of me writing this, but my blindness for presentations are purely based on facts and experience.

Pat really understands the value of transparency from the user’s point of view, in a world where everyone is teaching everyone and he recognizes the long-term-value. Because…

Smart Passive Income ReportsMonthly Income Reports

Every month Pat posts an overview of his income stream, with details on how much he has earned, which sites made the money, what kind of offer has generated his revenue and how much he spend.

This makes him honest and credible to me, and gives him a clear Unique Selling Proposition, that differentiates him from other affiliates. Take a look at the reports for yourself.

And even though he has an huge audience now while making a killing online,  he’s still responding all emails and still producing high-value-content. So, don’t be fooled by blog that he’s got. He’s still, he’s still Pat from the block! (Tweet This)


Create different types of content, for different types of audience and situations

Some things are just easier to get into your head when you watch the instructions on video.

That goes for affiliate content as well, and Pat has chosen to give his most practical advice through Youtube-clips. For instance: “How to make a Cool Facebook Landing Page” and “How to do Link Building” and so on.

So, different types of content for different types of lessons – right?


The Smart Passive Income iPhone App

Smart Passive Income Iphone AppDoes is really make sense to make an iPhone app, when you’re just a blogger? My first thought was that it seemed like over-kill, but upon downloading Pat’s I saw how he gathers all his different content, from podcasts, to tweets and  blog posts, in one single app, in a way that actually made sense. (I noticed later on that Pat also co-owns an iPhone Developer company.).

Now I can access all his different stuff in different situations, with a single click. Brilliant move! (I wonder if I should get one myself one day…) To sum all this up in one lesson; Do multiple types of content, get an app if you have enough content, and, well, do as Pat. (Godin does it too…)



Be Everywhere

Pat Flynn talks a lot about being everywhere, which brings me to my next point…

When I am driving or walking through the city I can listen to his podcasts. When taking the train, I can read his blog posts. When I am working on my laptop I watch his videos.

This is so smart and yet so basic! Everyone can (and should, including myself) do it.

Pat has really understood where to leverage the most from his content and make it available to as many people as possible, on as many platforms as possible.

Pat’s E-book about creating E-books

If you look at all the “Super-affiliates” today, they seem to have one thing in common and that’s their very own free of charge E-book.

These E-books are great marketing weapons and bait to get email-subscribers, as well as affiliate-commission from links inside the book.

Pat has made an E-book about making E-books, with over 25.000 downloads so far.

If you want to create your very first E-book or learn more about the process, the content and the marketing behind it, then your should get his book here.



The Power Of Blog-Series

Blog-series are like ongoing, topic-based blog posts..

Pat created a blog-series called NicheSiteDuel, when the outsourcing-affiliate guy named Tyrone Shum, challenged Pat Flynn for an affiliate duel in niche-sites.

The single rule of NicheSiteDuel is: “Who can profit the most from a Niche site, without using paid traffic”.

If you think the challenge sounds fun and want to learn more about building your own Niche Site can you sign up for it here.

Pat Flynn’s presentation about “How to Stand Out of the Crowd”


What do you think of Pat Flynn’s approach with SmartPassiveIncome? 



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15 Comments How Pat Flynn Is Killing It Online With

  1. Pat

    Hey Frederick, I just wanted to pop by and say thank you for the wonderful and kind write about myself and my blog. It’s great to see that the honesty and transparency that I put behind all my work is being recognized, and that the posts that I’ve spent a lot of time writing are being used and appreciated. That means a lot to me, and so thank you for taking the time to not only write about me here, but just to be a fan in general. Congrats on your new blog, and all the best to you!!

  2. Steffen Gregersen

    I’m also following Pat EVERYWHERE. I listen to his podcast in my car, and read his blog posts, newsletters and see his videoes when I’m home.
    He is a big inspiration for me and he motivates me a whole lot.

    @Christian: Pat is not just another “get-rich-quick-blogger”. If you should follow one person, Pat is the one!

    Cheers to both of you, Frederik and Pat :)

  3. Lars Holdgaard

    I’ve also followed Pat from time to time, and I really like his authentic style. Something I personally belive you have to do if you want success within online marketing, as that niche is “kinda crowded” to say at least.

    Off-topic: Frederik, it seems the mobile website has some design issues. The top looks really strange on my iPhone.

  4. Justin

    Hey Frederik!

    Pat is quite the inspiration, without a doubt. Much of our marketing strategies are things we’ve learned through Pat and what he does with SPI. We get some of our business/strategy inspiration from guys like Derek Sivers and Seth Godin…but Pat’s still down here in the trenches with us and his examples are a bit more actionable. (I don’t know for how long that will last…he’s killing it!)

    In addition to excellent content, his “Be Everywhere” strategy, and his blog series…I also love how he freely links out to others and “shares the love”. There’s nothing worse than bloggers who are so focused at keeping you on THEIR site that they’re not willing to highlight others who you think are interesting. (Much as you’re doing here) I’ve been turned onto some great content that’s NOT through SPI because Pat was willing to share them with me. I love that!

  5. Frederik Trovatten

    Thanks for stopping by Justin! (and for your awesome podcasts)!

    I have an idea that he will continue to produce high quality content for a long time, if not his own advice, then via interviews with other clever people..

    Yep, he shares the love, even though is becoming one of big players.. Hence my (quoting)

    “And even though he has an huge audience now while making a killing online, he’s still responding all emails and still producing high-value-content. So, don’t be fooled by blog that he’s got. He’s still, he’s still Pat from the block!” ;)

    Pat runs SPI like Zappos.. If he doesn’t have the shoe the customer is looking for, he’ll recommend his “competitors”..

    I don’t get the big bloggers who doesn’t link-out.. Perhaps it’s because they are afraid of their own success/knowledge will take a hit… They’re running the sprint, instead of the marathon..

  6. Ryan G

    Hey I just got to your site via a google search for pat I was doing. Nice write up. It’s a great overview if what makes his blog one of only 3 blogs worth following. Keep up the good work. If you’d like to network a little shoot me an email.


  7. Izzy

    I’ve been following Pat for a couple of years now and have learnt a massive amount from him. You just know when you get an email update that it is going to be an interesting and informative blog post. Same goes for Glen at Viperchill though he updates with far less frequency.

  8. Seth

    Great post Frederik – you pretty well summed up all of the exact reasons why I love Pat Flynn’s style as well. His transparency is HUGE, and the kind of value he offers to his audience is really commendable. It’s amazing how a little bit of honesty and value can make a blog go so far, isn’t it?

  9. Peter

    Hi Fred, Just got to your blog and most say am quite happy about the credible content you create on your site. I am actually a couple of months old in blogging and have been searching for amazing products to offer to my audience. Your article has done justice to my search excellent article. Keep it up. On the side will like to ask if you have your own affiliate product which one can promote.

  10. Sifat Shahariar

    Nice write-up FRED. I am following SPI for last couple of months and already found very useful for me.


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