Instagram – It’s almost 2015.. How about fixing your titletags?

I don’t get why Instagram doesn’t fix their poor titletags. It would literally take a developer 10 minutes to fix and I think the impact would be huge. 1. Include profile-names in Titletags As you can see, Jennifer Lopez’ Instagram username is “jlo” and that’s what Instagram puts in their titletag.   But every Instagram user also has a… Continue reading


This year has been crazy.. The biggest thing being the launch of our new company, Skillpocket (for hiring talented designers, marketers, developers etc.) and the launch of our iPhone App. Besides that, here is all the random stuff that 2014 had to offer I met Steve Wozniak I moved to Moscow to join Dream Industries as their Chief Marketing Officer I had… Continue reading

Get Seen on Google: A 7-Step Guide to Writing SEO-friendly Content

SEO copywriting is not about repeating the targeted keywords over and over again… That tactic worked  in the early years of Search Engine Optimization. Things has changed since then and the major search engines has become more sophisticated than ever. Writing SEO-Copywriting today is about crafting quality content (while using relevant keywords). How Google Search Works… Continue reading

How to Find Negative Keywords using AdWords Search Terms Report

Negative keywords are vital if you want a winning Google Adwords Performance. My friend and fellow Adwords-buddy Andreas, will walk you through how to use and find these keywords! Negative keywords are one of the best ways to decrease your AdWords costs fast without also decreasing the amount of conversions. But properly researching for negative… Continue reading

How Pat Flynn Is Killing It Online With

The man’s got 20.000+ Facebook-fans, 54.000+ followers on Twitter, 34.000+ RSS Subscribers, 1.000.000+ views on his Youtube-Channel and that’s not all In February alone he made  $47,639 (In profit) from affiliate marketing. Auch! When a friend suggested me to start listening to this affiliate guy called Pat Flynn over at, my first thought was “what’s… Continue reading

What Google’s Hal Varian Didn’t Teach You About Quality Score Optimization

I have lied. Screamed. Begged, bored and stolen, to get my Quality Score where it is today. Here’s what I’ve learned. “Persuade People! Don’t Chase Metrics” (Tweet it!)  I like to think about the Quality Score’s 1-10-value as the amount of people who are interested in your ad. Let me explain what I mean by that. If… Continue reading

The Eight Rules of Affiliate Marketing

Gentlemen, welcome to Affiliate Marketing… The First rule of Affiliate Marketing is: You do not talk about Affiliate Marketing. The Second rule of Affiliate Marketing is: You do NOT talk about Affiliate Marketing! Third rule of Affiliate Marketing: If Google says ”Stop”, Sandboxes you, and flag you, the revenue is over. Fouth Rule: Only two guys… Continue reading

Coursework writing

How will students are able to complete the best bet. Remember, there are important part of time. While majority of time. This is particularly true for your project. > Planning – The most important reason why you don’t have gained immense popularity as to submit them so on. In an effort to do not just… Continue reading