Some of the Most Powerful WordPress Plugins of 2014!

updated: January  19th, 2014.

Want to get more out of your WordPress site? Here’s the most noteworthy WordPress plugins I’ve come across and use in 2014. You can already see the majority of these plugins in action here at and I highly recommend you check them all out and make them generate great results for you as well!

Best Social Sharing Plugin for WordPress

I use Share Bar to easily add Social Sharing buttons like Google+, Twitter and Facebook like/shares to my blog. You can see the plugin in action by clicking on one of the Social Sharing Icons in the left side – Badam dish!

Boost Subscribers With OptinSkin

OptinSkin – Premium WordPress Plugin
OptinSkin is another WordPress Plugin developed by Glen at I It will add a nice-looking and high-converting Opt-In form below your blog post with social sharing options and is split-test-ready. Now you don’t need a designer or any coder to make it happen! Here’s a screenshot of Glen’s OptinSkin-form. You can try OptinSkin, before you buy it.

Subscribe To Comments
Increase the depth of conversations on your blog and get a faster on-going dialog around topics by using the Subscribe To Comments plugin that let’s commentators subscribe to followup-comments with a single click. I am currently testing it, and so far it seems to work without any problems!

Track And Analyze Data With These Top-Quality WordPress Plugins

Yoast’s Google Analytics Plugin 
Yoast’s Google Analytics Plugin is a simple one-click installation that brings Google Analytics to your WordPress blog. It adds a bunch of features that you just don’t get simply by adding the regular tracking code to your site. It allows you to tracks your outbound clicks and the amount of downloads to name a few. This is one of the most popular Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress.

WordPress Stats
WordPress Stats does a great job providing you with basic statistics about you blog, directly in your WordPress Dashboard. I’m a Google Analytics-addict myself, but it’s very convenient that WordPress Stats shows visitor data in your Dashboard.

WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketing

Pretty Link Lite
Pretty Link Lite is one of the most popular affiliate marketing plugins for WordPress and here’s how I use it. I recommend The Thesis theme for my readers and the creators of Thesis have their own affiliate program, which means I get a small commission from them whenever I refere a new customer. But here’s how my affiliate-link looks: It’s not the most beautiful thing right? With Pretty Link Lite I can mask this link with my own custom link. I’ve picked, which looks a lot more pretty and when people click it, they get redirected to the long ugly URL.

Pretty Link Lite also comes with statistics about which affiliate links that has received clicks:

SEO Smart Link
SEO Smart Link is one of the best affiliate marketing plugin to automatically add a link to a certain page, whenever you mention a certain word in your blog posts (or in the comment-secton if you like – I wouldn’t recommend editing people’s comments).

With SEO Smart Link I can create a rule that says: “Every time the word “Thesis” or “Thesis Theme” is mention on my blog, make a hyperlink to my affiliate link “”. SEO Smart Link also has a feature that can limit the amount of links, pointing to the same URL. This is to prevent your posts from looking too spammy.

WordPress Plugins to Avoid Spam, Boost Speed and Performance

Broken Link Checker
The purpose of Broken Link Checker, is to ensure that you won’t direct any of your visitors to a 404-page. The plugin will scan you blog posts, comments and images for dead links in order for you to easily return to correct them without having to click through them all yourself. Everyone needs broken Link checker, just go download it straight away. This blog post will be here when you return…

W3 Total Cache
I use W3 Total Cache to improve my WordPress speed and get a faster loading time. Read more about why it’s the best caching plugin and how to configure it. 

Akismet Anti-Spam Plugin
Akismet is pre-installed in your WordPress installation by default. Before you can use the anti-spam plugin you should sign-up here to get your very own API-key and be up and running in a few minutes.

WP Maintenance Mode
WP Maintenance adds a customizable “under construction” message to your blog while you get all your content ready for launch. This way you can rest assured that no one views your blog or index your site before your feel ready to publish it in full.

Here’s how this site looks to the public while I’m writing this post:


WordPress Plugins For Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Yoast’s WordPress SEO Plugin
This is another epic plugin from the godfather of WordPress Plugins Mr. Yoast. Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin has all the Search Engine Optimization features you need to optimize your on-site SEO, from custom title tag and descriptions to a sweet “Keyword targeting tool” that can tell if you have used the relevant keywords in your post. In my opinion is Yoast’s plugin the best wordpress Hosting plugin for SEO, although I know some of my friends will argue that All In One SEO Pack is better. Try both of them out and select for yourself!

Screenshot from Yoast’s SEO For WordPress plugin:


WordPress Plugin For Spelling and Grammar

After the Deadline – After The Deadline helps you with grammar and spelling, before you publish your posts. This plugin has been a great help for me while working on, which is my first blog that’s not in my first language. I know that this plugin isn’t that sexy, but it sure is a great help :)

You Like these WordPress Plugins? Then you’ll love my favorite online marketing tools

That’s my take…

Which WordPress Plugin do you think are must haves in 2014?

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24 Comments Some of the Most Powerful WordPress Plugins of 2014!

  1. Henrik Andersen

    Great blog post Frederik
    I have to try some of the plugins from your list, that’s for sure.
    Have a look at “GD Star Rating” for ratings of pages, post and comments. It also offers the posibility to get rich snippets ratings in the search results on Google. Works great! :-)

  2. Frederik Trovatten

    Thanks for stopping by Henrik!

    Yes I have actually tried GD Star Rating and you are completely right -GD Star Rating performs great and should be on the list as well!

    The thing is; I just don’t like it :) Mostly because I think of it as a “hack” that can be manipulated so easily. And I’m having a hard time justifying that a blog post should have any ratings shown in the SERP, when the ratings are anonymous and there for easy to manipulate.

    But as you say; GD Star Rating deserves some recognition. I’m just not a fan and I don’t think it will perform as it does now, in 6 months from now.

  3. Torben Heikel Vinther

    Great list Frederik. It’s always nice to get some inspiration for my own wordpress sites. I just wonder if you have considered to use Facebook Comments instead of the build in comments in WordPress? I have made the shift, but I’m not sure if it is the right thing to do. What do you think about that?

  4. Frederik Trovatten

    Hey Torben,

    I’m glad you liked it!
    I, like you, have thought about using Facebook Comments for wordpress or Disqus.

    I don’t like these third-party comment-plugins because they are linked to my social profiles, instead of my blog.
    So if I were to comment on your blog would my personal Facebook Profile show up, instead of my blog. And prefere to separate my “business profile” and my “person profile”. This also means that I wont get traffic to my blog when commenting on your blog.

    A cool thing about Facebook Comments is the feature that allows commentators to share their comment with their friends on Facebook. But I see to many Cons vs. Pros of using FB Comments.

  5. Torben Bendixen

    Very good blog post. There is a few plugins I need to try out.

    Re. Subscribe to comments, I normally use the reloaded plugin as it has a few more features.

  6. Mikael

    Hey Frederik,

    What a great list of WP plugins! Some of them were familiar to me, and others weren’t :)

    Instead of stats I can recommend Google Analytics Dashboard plugin.

    Now on to checking out some of the recommended plugins!

    Keep up the good work!

  7. wikinaira

    all plugin listed here are good, but i just wanna, 1 will be crazy using all at once… but its a great collection listed there..except that you never list anyone you use for security against hacker.
    Thanks for sharing

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  9. Tony

    Hi Frederik, great post! Just had a quick question if you have time. I was thinking of adding the “subscribe to comments” plugin (also noticed that there’s a reloaded version too). I have a mailchimp setup with a customized widget in my sidebar for my double opt-in email subscription. I was just wondering, would the “subscribe to comments” plugin screw with my mailchimp setup? Or can it integrate in some way? I’m thinking having the little check boxes (Subscribe and Notify me…) under the comments section could improve my subscription rate as well as making it a little easier for readers.


  10. Susan O'Dea

    I am beginning to think a must have is the commentluv plugin. I use the premium version now as it cuts out spam comments, people can subscribe to comments and they can tweet etc if they want a dofollow link. I am loving it so far.

  11. rick

    You mention Viper bar is at the top of your page… I don’t see a header optin of notification bar. What are you referring to with Viper Bar?

  12. Toufiq

    Yah all are great plugin, I hope you can divide them in two categories free and premium. I think Yoast Dynamic sitemap is a drawback of yoast SEO plugin.


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